Golden Eagle Ranch

Welcome to Golden Eagle Ranch 
We breed, show, train, and sell registered Quarter Horses.
We stand our own AQHA stallions and also breed to some of the top AQHA performance stallions in the nation. We are certified by the AQHA 4aHorse Breeder Referral Program in order to maintain the integrity of the American Quarter Horse and those who breed them.  

Excellent conformation, temperament, genetics and athletic ability, is what we breed for.  

Our foals are imprinted at birth, halter broke and handled until weaned. After weaning, foals are turned out for a year on a five acre hillside pasture and are only worked with for necessary farrier or veterinary care. In this way, they get a chance to grow and mentally develop without excessive handling. Once horses are started, we maintain a respectful working relationship to ensure a stress free environment. We also take in a limited number of outside horses for starting, tune-ups or sales prep.Please see our Stallion, Sales and Training pages for further information.

Golden Eagle Ranch

(707) 983-9618

PO Box 64, Covelo  CA 



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